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Check Valve Product Catalog

Check Valves permit fluid to flow through them in one direction only.Lift-type check valvesare similarly constructed as globe valves and use a ball or piston, often backed by aspringthat opens under a specified pressure but closes as the pressure decreases, thus preventing backflow. These valves are often suited forhigh-pressureapplications. A variant is thestop check valvewhich doubles as a Globe Valve.

Swing check valvesemploy hinged gates,disc wafers,orwafersthat are often spring-actuated to close against ports as pressure diminishes. These devices can be effective in low-pressure applications. A tilting disc check valve varies the theme somewhat by hinging the gate slightly inward to reduce the pressure required for opening. Butterfly ordouble doorcheck valves use two half-circle gates or wafers that are hinged at the centerline of the valve port and open downstream in the direction of flow.

Rubbercheck valves are also available and include designs such as theflapandduckbillvarieties.Check valvesare used on gas lines, for air service, and with pumps—anywhere that fluid needs to move in a single direction. They can beminiaturized, manufactured inplastic,and may incorporate many special features such asmetal seats.

Check Valve DRVZ Check Valve DHH44 Manufacturer
Silent Check Valve DRVZ Anechoic Check Valve DHH44
Check Valve HH47/H/XF/HDH47X Manufacturer Check Valve HH46/48/49H Made in China
Butterfly Buffer Check Valve
Micro-blocking and Closing Butterfly
Check Valve HH46/48/49H
check valve HH44X manufacturer check valve HY41F/HY44F
Micro-blocking and Closing Check Valve
Oxygen-Specific Check Valve
check valve H64Y Check Valve H41/61/Y Manufacturer
USA Standard Power Station
\Rotary-to-Solder Check Valve
Cast Steel Check Valves
for Power Stations H41/61/Y

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