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Globe Valves Product Catalog
The Globe valve is used to cut off the flow of the medium and is suitable for occasions that need to be throttled frequently. The most commonly used is in chemical production. The valve disc and the valve seat is the sealing parts of the globe valve. In order to close the valve tightly, the matching surface of the valve disc and the valve seat should be grinding, and the corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials such as Stellite 6 and stainless steel can also be welded on the sealing surface. The valve disc and the valve stem of the globe valve are designed flexible connection to facilitate the valve disc and the valve stem fitting.
Shut-Off Valve JY41W Manufacturer Shut-Off Valve J61Y Manufacturer
JY41W J61Y
Shut-Off Valve J61H/Y-250/320 Manufacturer Shut-Off Valve J41/J11/H/W/Y Manufacturer
J61H/Y-250/320 J41/J11/H/W/Y
Shut-Off Valve J61H Shut-Off Valve J41H/Y Manufacturer
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