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Plug Valve Product Catalog
Plug Valves are quarter-turn valves used to control fluid flow through a pipe. A plug valve constricts flow similarly to a ball valve, using a ported plug rather than a ported ball that swivels in the flow stream to constrict or allow flow. Key specifications include valve type, port configuration, port connections, valve size, and the materials that make up the valve body, as well as its seat, seal, lining, and stem packing. Plug valves are used for shut-off and are used ascontrol valves for the chemical process industries,processing plants and wastewater treatment facilities, for example. A distinction is made betweenlubricated plug valves, which inject a lubricant between the plug and valve body to act as a sealant, and unlubricated types, which instead rely on a polymeric sleeve for sealing and friction relief.
Plug Valve Made in China

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